Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just ASK.

I think I picked the wrong word-of-the-year. Remember? It was "REACH." But all signs seem to be pointing in a completely different direction.
Last time I met with my spiritual director, she challenged me to sit in the moment, despite the fact that I had just told her that I don't like doing that. And in our ongoing conversations, she repeatedly is reminding me to ASK God what it is that I want to know, rather than just musing over things, or jumping to conclusions.
On another note, I keep hearing myself say to the staff members around me "just ASK someone to help!" It's part of my "give and let give" experiment, and part of God reminding me, I think, that He has plans for people besides me. I don't want to get in the way between God and God's plan for a person, just because I am afraid to ASK.
So, I think my word for the year is... SEEK. Just kidding, it's ASK. I'm going to be unafraid to ask questions when I'm confused, to ask for help from others when I need it, to ask people to take a step or a leap toward serving God better at church, and in the world.
So watch out! I may have something to ASK you!

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Kristen said...

That's awesome! I totally support word-of-the-year changes. I wouldn't say it was wrong...maybe you're just done reaching for now. I think it's so cool that you're open to God changing directions!