Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Oh yeah, I've got it.

PMS that is. Wanna know how I know I have PMS? Because, among other symptoms, I finally called to schedule a hair appointment for myself and the person who answered the phone at the salon told me that my hairdresser has left. Months ago, she left. Since then I have felt wrecked! I'm so bummed out that my hairdresser just up and left me behind, the one who knows what stupid rods to use for my stupid perm. And I'm at a loss- now to whom shall I go? I love Laura's perms but I don't want to go to Waltham for mine. I know people who know people who ARE hairdressers, but you know, that's tricky! Once you go to someone you know, you can NEVER LEAVE. You'll run into them at someone's birthday party and they'll look at your hair and know how long it's been since you visited their shop and they'll know.
Anyway, my crazy reaction to this news and the way it's making my day a gloom-fest, that's how I know I have PMS. Oh, and the simultaneous urges I have a) to assert myself and get my damned point across and B) to throw my hands in the air, exasperated, and say "you know what? Whatever."
Also I have a low-grade fever that Motrin is not touching.
I don't complain about cramps and headaches, I accept them as penance for not wanting to bear children. But PMS-nastiness, well, that's just a punishment on everyone. Sorry, everyone. But then again, you know what? Whatever.


HerMajesty00 said...

Margo a certain man in my life who will remain nameless for his safety once made a joke about how it sounded like I had PMS. I replied very calmly that on the contrary I wake up every day cheerful and happy, very rainbows and butterflies. But cetain people in my life then go out of THEIR way to F""" me off.

HerMajesty00 said...

BTW I do not mind if you choose not to post that as I totally honor and repsect your optimistic only posting policy. Just wanted to offer for your eyes the possibility that you may not have PMS it may be others around you:>) dumb ole haridresser!!!