Thursday, April 23, 2009

Okay I should have specified this at the outset...

... but bananas are carb-o-crazy, so that's out. But I shall follow the potassium lead. Keep the tips coming! I feel a cramp coming on RIGHT NOW!


HerMajesty00 said...

Margo do you think your cramps are diet related? If they are, should you be on a diet that makes you dangerously low in a nutrient? Does it make sense that a healthy diet would have bananas as a no no but oks bacon grease?
why oh why cann't there be a fried chicken diet?

margmor said...

I almost didn't publish that comment, I wasn't sure it passed my rigorous comment standards, but I shall respond instead... :)
1) the diet doesn't ok bacon grease by any means, that's alllllll me baby!
b) I have had to make some adjustments, nutrient-wise, but for example, beef has more potassium than bananas, so I'm getting what I need (potassium-wise, anyway!) without having to eat starchy stuff like bananas. Bananas are only worth eating in splits, anyway!
Thanks for your concern, tho- last night no cramps!

HerMajesty00 said...

I totally agree about bananas only being worthy in a splittype situation :>)
And your leg cramps may not be related to diet in any way. Was just concerned where the diet and leg cramps appeared to coincide.
I only got them when I was pregnant but I thought THAT comment would never pass the rigorous comment standard ;>P
There are leg stretches you can do before going to bed and when you first wake up and best of all you can lay down while doing them! (My kind of exercise.) Hopefully the cramps were a passing thing.

CatholicWizKid said...

I think beans have a lot of potassium in them.