Saturday, April 11, 2009

FIOS rant...

Over at the parish blog I'm praising God and loving the season and community, but here, I seethe.
Our friend PJ got FIOS a while back, and constantly brags about how great it is. So we finally got around to ordering it this week at our house. The day after it was installed, our email accounts (which were already through Verizon) stopped working. I tried a couple of times to contact Verizon/Fios, but didn't have the time to wade through the endless choices and muzak. (I know, I even said "AGENT" to get through to a human, which worked, except that the human I got to put me back on hold, more muzak.
Today Scott called and got through to a snotty "service" person who told us that actually, they don't really help people who use Macs (Really? Cause the tech who came out to install didn't mention that they weren't so hot on Macs when he saw ours in our house).
So, although when I try to access my email account through Verizon's website, and it says my account is suspended, she said it is not. What do I do to get my email now? Well, she didn't know, she saw both email accounts and so the problem must be with us.
Comcast, we miss you!!!

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HerMajesty00 said...

Margo. This is why I use a yahoo acoount. if you use yahoo or gmail then it does not matter who provides your service. We learned this the hardway when our Adelphia acount no lionger worked because they became comcast...... Of course fios and verizon are suppose mean you have the same acount...grrrrrrrrrrrrr