Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am a culinary goddess

I am on my way soon to PJ's annual Mardi Gras gathering, and since he forgot to get a King Cake (and let's face it, they are fun only while you're looking for the baby, but then become a responsibility... and they're not so much cake as they are breakfast quickbread. I dunno, I just never caught the king cake fever I guess) I decided to make rainbow cupcakes.
Inspired by this rainbow cake, I whipped up these cupcakes and can't wait to get there and bite into one!
Here's a peek into the creative process:

6 colors, using white cake mix and regular liquid food colors.

I just spooned in the colors one at a time, on top of each other.

Mmmm, can't you just smell the cakey goodness?

Cooling on my porch. Any unsuspecting snacker would think they're just red. But NO.

And the final results. PS, the frosting is Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting. Oh yeah.

Sorry the last pictures are a little fuzzy, I was trembling with excitement.


HerMajesty00 said...

Margo pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaasee bring me one!

s said...

Neato! So...did you put the king baby inside one of them?

Anonymous said...

They look Yummy!!!!!!!!

HerMajesty00 said...

Julie loves your rainbow cupcakes and she has already invited you to her graduation party, in hopes you will bring some. Meanwhile she is stealing your culinary idea!

pflan said...

I think I might have been on some really good pain killers in the hospital ... I don't remember the cupcakes being rainbow! Did I miss that feature or were mine just yellow? In any case, they were DELICIOUS!! Jim thought one was for him, but I took it as one for me and one for Liam - and since the only way for Liam to get his was through me, I just HAD to eat it....