Monday, July 07, 2008

who's your unibrow baby?

I used to believe that everyone needed someone to... well, kinda... hate. I thought, hey, every story needs a villain, right? Maybe if we all channelled all our hatred onto one person, we wouldn't hate so many other people.
Sometimes I still catch myself falling into that, letting something create a grudge in me and I do have a hard time letting those somethings go, sometimes.
But lately I have been hearing things about forgiveness, and letting go. I read today about a man who decided not to hate. He said (and I am summing here-) that one day he just said "enough." Now, when he feels anger, he reminds himself by saying "enough." Sounds easy...
Yesterday I heard the story of the girl from that famous photo from Vietnam, and how she learned to forgive. It was certainly convicting- go read it or listen to it here, and pay close attention to the last line. It's a hum-dinger!

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