Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What're you going as?

Here are some possible Halloween costumes for me this year:

  • girl with bad eyesight
  • girl with beer in living room while husband is giving out candy at the kitchen door
  • girl with who needs to pluck her eyebrows
  • one of the mysterious childless neighbors. What's their deal? They seem nice, though, and they keep the yard neat. 
  • girl who shouldn't have picked at that blemish on her nose this morning, seriously, no one would have even noticed it but now look at it.
  • girl who owns one orange shirt
  • girl wearing the same jeans she wore yesterday
  • girl with random hot flashes
  • un-sexy pastoral minister
  • survivor of some awful illness that doesn't actually show. Stomach ulcers?
  • girl who doesn't dress up for work
  • girl who's really not into Halloween
Really the options are endless, and all of them apply today- so take your pick! Happy Halloween, or whatever, everyone!

1 comment:

HerMajesty00 said...

What awful illness that does not show? And its ok cuz I love Halloween enough for both of us. I wore a bunny costume to school and then then s Reeses peanut butter costume. So I had you covered!