Friday, September 21, 2012

Read My Lips (braille)

So maybe I'm a little stressed, so what?
As we move in time toward Dad's bypass surgery, we count down the days while trying to think ahead, imagine every possible need and outcome, and plan for any and every sequence of events. We can't change anything in my Dad's heart but we can think about what meals to prepare for them, what visits to schedule, what snacks to bring for eating in the waiting room, etc. etc... lots of Facebook messages and phone calls.
Overall, I've felt pretty good about the whole thing- no nagging anxiety, no sleepless nights, I really feel pretty positive about it and am looking forward to having it behind us all. I am sure the recovery will be hard and uncomfortable for Dad (and for all of us) but it'll be better than the suspense, waiting for the day to come and hoping he doesn't have a heart attack before then.
So, in sum: feeling good, not stressed. But yesterday my face erupted!! I have a massive cold store on the corner of my lower lip. Judging by how it feels, I'd say it's about the size of a small oven-stuffer roaster. But it's probably smaller than that, to the casual observer.
I haven't had a cold sore in... I can't even remember! So it makes me think... maybe I'm a little anxious after all. The surgery happens 4 days before our first big event at work, which is a pretty major undertaking, with lots of details that I  am (or Scott is) in charge of. It's a good thing, and I'm excited for it, but... lots of details and hard work. Two days before the surgery is another big event (volunteer luncheon/workshop) that I'm in charge of. Lots of details. I mean, hey, that's my job, and all these events will be great, and maybe it'll be good for me to be distracted and busy during this time. But at the same time, it's a lot.
So while I feel pretty calm, I guess my lips say otherwise!

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HerMajesty00 said...

Your dad will do will do will all be a little crazy but Ok. Your big oleoven stuffer roaster is just there to remind you to schedule in a little time to take care of yourself,while you take care of everything else!