Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pen Envy

Today to celebrate my finishing of my graduate project (and with it, graduate school!) I bought myself some snazzy black pens. I love a good pen. When I was in college, if I was blue, I'd buy myself some chocolate and a nice black pen. Over the years I've had favorite pens that I used from start to finish- from brand-new to the last drop of ink. I am not a big fan of ball points with their blobs every couple of lines, and I prefer my pen not to be so inky that it leaks through the paper, but I love a good, dark, smooth line. I still have a few ball points that I bought when my college went out of business, with the name of the school screen-printed on them, and I treasure them.
When I was a kid, I asked for fountain pens on more than one birthday list, and got a few over the years. They weren't as exciting as I'd expected, because I found that you don't have to dip them in wells anymore, and they don't come with feathers. Still, it felt cool to own and write with them.
Every time I need to write something down, there's a conscious decision as to the right pen for the job, even if it's just writing a post-it-note. I loooooove a good pen.
Photo credit to another pen-obsessed blogger!

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CatholicWizKid said...

Back around when I lived in Boston, my uncle got into restoring old fountain pens.
He restored a WWII-era woman's pen and pencil set for me. It is green and you DO have to dip the pen in the ink. Actually, there is a little rubber bladder inside, and you use this little lever on the side to deflate the balloon. Then you dip the tip in the ink bottle and lower the lever to suck the ink into the bladder.
It is so darn cool! All of this is to say: I get it. Pens are awesome. (Also, I rarely write with blue ink if I can avoid it.)