Saturday, April 23, 2011


Happy Holy Saturday, everyone! It's super-gloomy out, which I expect will change at around 8:00 when people start ringing their bell and singing Allelu... oops, can't say it yet!
We are on the backside of a marathon of work, which for Scott means the 24-hour (read: overnight on the parish hall floor) Food Fast for Catholic Relief Services, and for me means achy feet and bones from just running around constantly from Thursday to tonight. I don't host any big events but am involved somehow in everything that goes on at the parish during Triduum. Both jobs are exhausting and inspiring and exhilarating, and we both end up so pooped and happy by the end of it that we can't wait to wake up on Sunday morning so we can relax.
I find myself tearing up often over this weekend, wondering over and over why I am a blessed as I am... but that's another blog entry. (Really, I think I've written that one already, maybe I'll find it and link it later.) Teenagers laughing, watching my friends and fellow Christians returning from Communion, the Veneration of the Cross, middle schoolers awkwardly diving in at the Food Fast... for some reason, watching kids play Pull-Up gets me every time.
Meanwhile, I'm darting home to fix things so that tomorrow we can be primed and ready to do nothing but sit around in our Easter pajamas and feast. Here are two updated pics from my future garden, just to keep you grounded... yuk yuk yuk!

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HerMajesty00 said...

Margo I thought of you and Scott tonight. You know how it feels to me like your parish does it right and mine is well....a bit behind? Well not for Holy Week. We thankfully get that right. Anyway tonight at the Vigil a dear friend became a 'full' Catholic in every sense of the word. Every Sunday for as long as we have been going to Our Lady of Star Market she and her husband and 3 kids have sat behind us. Although not Catholic herself she agreed to raise her kids in the faith and therefore felt it was important to be there with her family each week. Well her youngest went off to college this Fall and she decided now it was time for 'her' and so she studied all year to join fully in the faith of her family. Many people teased her about this- why woudl someone choose to be Catholic now that she did not 'have' to? After all her kids were grown. Her studies and questions and challenges were so inspirational. Anyway her name is Brenda and she was glowing tonight. Tomorrow when you and Scott take a much needed break please offer up a prayer of thanks for such a wonderful person joining 'our' catholic family! Our church might be a bit rickety but with faith like that we will all benefit!