Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello Kanata, Ontario!

Have you heard of keyword-search poetry? Well my counter program doesn't track keyword searches (oh how I wish it did!!) but it does have a button called "who's on?" which is how I saw that someone in Kanata, Ontario is looking at my blog RIGHT NOW! So hi Canada! It also tells me that someone always enters my blog via the "Who is your Unibrow Baby" page, which I think is funny.
On with the randomness!
It has been brought to my attention that I talk like an old lady. Born of my life as a Youth Minister/Role Model, I don't swear much (unless I feel like it's absolutely frickin' necessary) so I say things like "gosh" "darn" and "heck." Once, I was leading prayers with teenagers, and said "can you all move a little closer so that I don't have to hollar?" and a girl near me giggled and said "my Grandmother says 'hollar'." I sound a little bit like this guy:


It's a real old fashioned Winter here, and I am out of love with it. My winter spirit lasted way longer than usual, what with the pretty snow everywhere and all that, but now I am sick of wearing coats and my mittens are falling apart and just the thought of that crunching sound the snow makes when I walk on it makes my teeth hurt. My hair is like hay and that spot of dry skin on my elbow is bugging me and I have just had it. What is this, January? Crap.
Half of my friends on Facebook are complaining about the weather and the other half are complaining about people who complain about the weather. "HellOOOOo, this is New ENGland, it SNOWs here, get OVER it!!" I am staying out of the fray, but you know the truth, dear reader.
My mother and my cat are both experiencing the beginning stages of dementia. I don't see Mom much but I think of her every time my cat hisses at her daughter, for no good reason. I guess that's enough said about that.


Cate said...

Thanks for the laugh, Margo! And that video is a beaut! (My favorite line, "you can tell this is an Aspen because of the way it is." Definitive.

Come on up to visit and we'll do a fun winter activity -- getting outside for a reason that doesn't involve cleaning off the car or running errands or going to/from work makes the winter easier to take. We've got two pair of snowshoes and two pair of XC skis. Take your pick. It really does help.

And, though I shouldn't reward whining, take a look at the mittens on my blog and name your colors.

BTW, Mom was very pleasant on Sunday - I guess you deflated her hissing for a bit :) I guess it was just your turn this week.

Kristen said...

Okay, I admit it, the Unibrow blog reader is me (or at least it will be now0!

And that video has to be a parody.

Stay warm and dry!

HerMajesty00 said...

Margo...your mom. My heart is breaking for you all....A dammit is in order.... Or when my Dad was really really upset he would say "Jesus Mary and SAINT Joseph" now we never knew why the accent was on SAINT But when we heard it, we moved!

sandi said...

I love your posts. Even when it's snowing. And it's always snowing.

Her Harlequin said...

I thought it was spelt (spelled?) Canada, and would come after Ontario! I mean, could there really be a place called Kanata in Canada?

FrChip said...

Do you think this "Neat" guy is for real or is that an act? If he's for real...