Sunday, October 11, 2009

What a pain...

My doctor told me once that I have a high tolerance for pain. It was a relief to be "diagnosed" this way, because I never had really known how to handle pain- I'm never sure when it's bad enough to be complained about. The doctor told me that when I went in because my back was out.
I had heard about backs going out, but until mine really went out, I knew what people meant by "out." I had been sleeping on a board, because our bed was old and way too squishy. (Really, a BOARD!) When the doctor asked how long I'd had back pain, I said "well, I guess about 4 years or so." I guess most people address things like this before 4 years go by.
Now my back is out again, but still it's hard to know how to address it. I mean, I feel fine unless I move or sneeze or have to lean one way or another. And even though it feels like stabbing when it happens, it only lasts a minute or so. So I'm being a good soldier, and taking Aleve, and hoping it'll right itself.
Or maybe I'll see a chiropractor. My sister says that no chiropractor will ever tell anyone that they don't need chiropractic care. At the fair this week I had free assessment from one in the "trade hall," one of my favorite buildings there... it's the one where they sell the Sham-wows and the sandpaper hair- remover pads... the chiropractor said that I carry 12 more pounds on my right foot than my left, and noticed that my right shoulder is significantly lower than my left- which I knew, it's been that way since my rainbow-colored book bag from high school.
I thought my surgery would really help my back, and I think it actually has- but surprisingly I have had to relearn how to sit and stand, because my posture is really really different now.
You know what else though? Here's something really painful: the Cleveland Show. Wow, it is a stinker.


HerMajesty00 said...

Margo, very sorry about the back. your friend who recommended yoga does have a good point. when I make my yoga practice a regular practice it truly does help! feel better soon....and remmeber bend and stretch reach for the sky stand on trippy toe oh oh so high.

Cate said...

Actually, my chiropractor did tell someone I know that he shouldn't be getting chiropractic care until he got his regular doctor to send him to a back specialist. And, he wouldn't work on my son's shoulder until after the MRI showed there was no rotator cuff tear.

The right leg thing may be hereditary -- my right hip gets out of alignment very easily, leading to lower back pain. That is why I go back to the chiropractor every month -- I can tell when it is time to go before I look at the calendar.

And, I've been told I have a high tolerance for pain. I guess my childhood theory of having been adopted really wasn't based on reality :)

Kristen said...

You know what else was a stinker...Three Rivers. Terrible, terrible, terrible.