Monday, August 24, 2009

half longs

Every year I think I'm a wicked cool gardener and plant vegetables from seed. It is a ridiculous endeavor. My neighbors put in little plants and by now have big raging bushes of vegetables that they are overwhelmed by and have to give away (thankfully). But not me, I nurture hair-breadth seeds to minor success and weird shaped bounty.
Behold the cucumbers from my garden this year:

They came out as golf-ball sized roundy cukelets. My neighbor asked me if they, like my carrots, are "Danvers Half-Longs." Well, undeterred by their weird size and shape, we sliced them up for lunch today and let me tell you they were delicious.


Her Harlequin said...

next time you come to Carver, bring a large rubbish barrel and we'll fill it with rabbit & chicken manure for you. Next year, your crop will be the envy of all your friends and neighbors!

sf said...

Marg! Those are some wicked cute cukes.