Sunday, October 08, 2006

3 new posts

I have completely wasted this day. It is 3:52pm and I am still in my pajamas. Since it's a long weekend, I don't have to go in until the 6:00 Mass, so I have been (as my dad always said) "donking around" all day. I did take some nice photos, including this one which I think makes a nifty computer wallpaper:

but outside of that foray into the gorgeous weather out there, I have watched the movie Superstar (aka the Mary Catherine Gallager story. SO funny.) and now I'm watching an episode of Project Runway. I know! No nutritional value here at all. I was supposed to go grocery shopping with this extra time, I was supposed to go get cat food before the stores closed, I have a work project to work on... but instead I'm inside, in my pajamas, watching junk tv.
(How does that guy have tattoos all over this throat?? That must have KILLED!!)
But I am consoling (aka justifying) myself with the fact that now it's too late to get all that stuff done, so I may as well sit tight for the next episode of PR. (it's a marathon!!)
And, look, I've done 3 new blog entries! That's something, isn't it?


sojourner said...

I love P.R., and I say the same thing every time I see tattoo-throat guy. That musta KILLED.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking this photo would make great computer wallpaper too! It's a beautiful photo!

sandi said...

That lovely picture would make a fantastic jigsaw puzzle. I write this as we are stuck, hopelessy I think, on the grass section of a 1000-piece stone barn picture.

Dorian Speed said...

I like this photo a lot. And I think it's fine to have Days of Sloth every once in a while. They're like a reset button for the psyche.